What are Bitcoin Faucets?


Bitcoin Faucets are micro earnings. You can find tons of Bitcoin Faucet or Faucet from other cryptocurrency.
For using a Bitcoin Faucet you'll need a Bitcoin Address. You can find Wallets on 'What is Bitcoin?' site.
If you have a bitcoin address, then go to our faucetlist and go to one of the faucet. Solve the Captcha and you will be rewarded with Satoshis.
Every Bitcoin Faucet has another rewards.
You won't get the satoshis instant to your wallet. The satoshi goes to a third-partner service like Faucetbox. The Satoshi forward because it charges lower fees and it combine your earnings from other faucets.

Bitcoin Faucet alive through advertising. You'll notice later that every Bitcoin Faucet shows more than two advertising.
Most Bitcoin Faucet use Google Adsense or Bitmedia.io because they are the best advertising networks.

Can I create my own Bitcoin/Dogecoin/Litecoin?

Yes, you can! I prefer to use Faucetbox because you can download free the faucet script
and the installation is fast.

To protect your faucet from Bots, you need a captcha. Every faucet has another captcha like reCaptcha, Solvemedia or Funcaptcha.
You shall use Funcaptcha because it's more protected against bots while other captcha can solved by a third-partner.

Without advertising, you can't run a faucet. Join Advertising networks, apply your website and place ads on your site.
Most favourite advertising networks are Bitmedia.io and Adsense.
Most visitors hate Pop Ups! So please try to don't using a popup advertising network.

You can not keep your faucet? Create on FreeBitcoin.in your Rotator and place a link on your faucet
or create a offer wall on Coinbucks.io to get an additional income.

Thanks for reading this guide about Bitcoin Faucets!