What is FreeBitcoin.in?

On FreeBitcoin.in you have the choice of multiple cryptocurrency
and you can collect on Faucet using the Faucetlist or Faucetrotator.
You are on a broken faucet? No problem! Report easily and we remove it fast from FreeBitcoin.in.

Or do you want only earn Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin? Then sign up on FreeBitcoin.in and
create without any fees your unique rotator.
Too hard? Then go to Tools and create with few clicks your Rotator and share it.

Can I create my own rotator?

Yes, you can! Simply sign up and create your unique rotator and modify it for free

Do you charge fees?

No, we do not charge fees. Everything for you is free!

In your faucetlist are broken faucet. How can I report it?

Go to the Faucet Info site with clicking the info sign and click on Report button.

I found bugs on your site, how can I report it?

Please contact us for bugs. You find our email on the contact site.
You will be rewarded for finding bugs.

Why I can't create more than three rotators?

You cannot open more than three rotators because we think
that should be a good amount.